Shipping Agency Turkey
Bosphorus & Canakkale Straits & Tuzla Shipyards
Acibadem Caddesi No: 43 Kat: 5 P.Box 34718
Kadikoy - Istanbul / TURKEY
+90 216 327 20 00 ( 12 Lines )
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+90 216 544 70 80 ( Manual Fax )
+90 533 611 96 66 ( Urgent Mobile )
Shipping Agency Turkey
Erk Shipping & Agency Ltd.

     Our company, which was founded on 2000, has been continuously working as a strait agency since its establishment not only  by providing the necessary agency services for the vessels that transit the passages of Dardanelle and Bosphorus Straits but also working actively at all ports of Turkey. For years, our company has prioritized its customers’ satisfaction and has focused on providing the best service in the shortest time possible.

     In addition to meeting all the requirements of the vessels (chiefly technical support, provision and publication supplies) on the passage of Bosphorus Strait, on Istanbul Anchorage and on any port of Turkey; our company, with its competetive prices, has expanded its customers’ portfolio day by day.

      Our priority has always been the satisfaction of the companies we work with in regards to their contenment with the quality of our services.

      As being the Shipping Agency Turkey and within the awareness of the economic crisis in the maritime industry for a past few years, the price offers has been made in more suitable conditions than many of the other companies and as usual, you will provide a huge advantage in terms of time, when was delivered to the ship by the staff  in coordination.

Agency Services at Istanbul Anchorage

- Ship Transit Agency at Dardanelle & Bosphorus Strait

- Vessel Inward/Outward Clerance Operations

- Deslopping at Istanbul & Canakkale Straits

- Delivery of Crew Mail / Courier Packages

- Bunkers, Lub oil and Fresh Water Supply

- Underwater inspection at anchorage

- Ship Medical Certification

- Owners protective services

- Master Cash Delivery

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