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Shipping Agency Turkey
Ship's Crew Change & Owner & Class Attendance
        We, as the Shipping Agency Turkey, is serving all the time and also acting in accordance and in view of the registered instructions of all the client companies as of being their shipping agency and we fulfill the requested services with urgency and as soon as possible, in Turkey.

         We complete the welcome actions for the company owners, officers, employees or the guests before their arrival and also are met at the airport and taking them to the places where they need to go and in return and relevantly with the demands are to be made to delivered to the desired locations in a coordinated manner with the company.

          All these transactions are being reported in real-time to the company's managers and also are being informed to you, by the photographs, if so is requested.

          The most important issue in shipping is the time and thus we are aware of the importance of the time in shipping, as the Shipping Agency Team in Turkey and in order to prevent the loss of your time, we make every effort as uninterrupted.
     Until from the year of 2000 and on, the Shipping  Agency Turkey has been served professionally to many companies and ships on the delivery of the requested spare parts, either had been send from the abroad or provided domestically and all of these transactions had been followed as step by step and in a controlled manner, until the delivery to the ship had been performed.

     We are launching the operations on the very same day that have been reached to the custom's office in the (weekdays) for the ordered ship spare parts which have been sent from the abroad and not later than one day, getting it to be ready to deliver it to the ship.

     Whenever you want to get detailed information about the replacement parts, you may ask for it.

Delivery to the Transit Spare Parts
Ship Provisions & Deck & Engine Store Supply

     Shipping Agency Turkey carries out all types of the food supply and kitchen equipments and the fruits and vegetables are daily and delivered as extremely fresh to the ship and all kinds of meat and the meat products, as well as the dry food and the products of every kind of food, you can think of, can be supplied

     Our priority in the supply of the rations is to be the products of which the storage has a very long-lasting periods. All of our products are in very high quality and suitable for certain international standards and the supply of all kinds of food are made by us.

Our Serve Ports : Istanbul Ship Supply, Tuzla Ship Supply ( All Shipyards ) , Izmit Bay Ship Supply, Derince Ship Supply, Diliskelesi Ship Supply , Yalova Ship Supply, Tekirdag Ship Supply, Eregli Ship Supply

     The Shipping AgencyTurkey, may have establish communications with your previously agreed food suppliers and in coordination and without any delay,  even may provide supplies ,except the compulsory, during the Istanbul transit passage of the ships and no agency fee or any additional charge is carried out for this service
Ship Fresh Water Supply

    Shipping Agency Turkey, carries out the supply of fresh water that have been requested, at Istanbul ship anchorage area, Izmit bay ports, in Eskihisar ship anchorage area, All Tuzla Shipyards, All Yalova Shipyards, Diliskelesi Port, Derince port and in Ambarlę port and anchorage area.

     The most important element in this process is the leeway for the ship, as usual, for the Shipping Agency Turkey, too. Before the ship's arrival to the anchoring area, we will be contacted with the bargen who will make the supply and make the Barge to wait for the ship and not make the ship wait for the Bargen provided.

    After the water supply made of the Shipping Agency Turkey, the supply of international clean water certificate is given to the ship's captain by the barge's captain besides.

Ship Lub Oil Supply

     The Shipping Agency Turkey is making the supply of oil, which is true or equivalent to true in many Turkish ports with many other partners together.

     As being the Shipping Agency Turkey and within the awareness of the economic crisis in the maritime industry for a past few years ( Since 2008 second part ), the price offers has been made in more suitable conditions than many of the other companies and as usual, you will provide a huge advantage in terms of time, when was delivered to the ship by the staff  in coordination.

     If you have the order in Lub-Oil barrels, the Shipping Agency Turkey, in order to avoid wasting time during anchoring the ship and while having the transit pass from the Istanbul Bosphoros, either at the beginnig of the strait or departing the strait will perform the lub oil refueling. ( According to the procedure the bulk lub oil receiving ships must be drop anchor. )
Cash & Certificate & Documents Delivery
     The Shipping Agency Turkey and in accordance with the instruction have been received from you, as the needs to be delivered to the ship, such as (Cash, Certificate, Documents Etc...) will do by their employees in hand delivery against signature of the captain of the ship and these transactions will be provided without anchoring the ship, except in the cases of mandatory. Motor Launch costs are always the most appropriate level.
Ship Repair Services at Istanbul & Eskihisar Anchorage Area
     As the Shipping Agency Turkey, we would like to inform to all the ship owners , no matter that we work with or not working with and according to the Turkish Maritime Laws, each ship either to be domestic or foreign, may remain without having free pratica for 48 hours in the Turkish territorial waters and if it goes beyond of the 48 hours, the process of  the arrival control is required onto the ship.

     This 48-hours awaiting time depends on the weather conditions, if that has been considered as unsafe by the ship's captain for the route of the destinated port and that should be informed to the traffic control as  reporting to the traffic control that  "Waiting on the weather conditions" is to say in order to receive the permission and that you keep also in mind as a note of the information which is  useful, the ship captain's request for additional time is also checked by the traffic control services, due to the bad weather and on the condition of the air on the route of the ship's port of destination, and if deemed appropriate the additional time is given to the ship

     Shipping Agency Turkey, is acting within an awareness of the issues mentioned above, and providing the need of repair and maintenance work without causing to the loss of time and by lowering the minimum level of the services on the ships.

We are not only the repair and maintenance teams of which you have requested from us and also our repair and maintenance teams are being able to reach to the ship, and we show all the necessary sensitivity for their removal off the ship.
Ship Electronic Repair at Istanbul & Tuzla
     Shipping Agency Turkey, has been dealing with the individuals and firms which has certificates on the repairing of the electronic equipments on the board of the ship; with those that has adequate maritime experience gained and have been involved in electronics for many years only on ships and the ones of self-taught and authorized firms that have had the necessary certificates for the repairment work.

     The ship repair and maintenance technicians who will go to the ship will be ready a few hours before of the vessel reaches to the repairing place as well as all the official permissions to be taken for the work teams for going aboard.

      Shipping Agency Turkey, as being aware of the difficulties of the shipping and as being acknowledged that even a small mistake to be made, will cause to greater results in the future and while to act together in these sense and of these repairs can be made with the aim of not only to recover of the moment. Thus a long-lasting policy has been adopted and so our repair and maintenance repairs are guaranteed for minimum of 6 months and during this time, if the repaired device, by us, is in the same case of failure and to provide the necessary maintenance and the repair process is done without a fee.

Tuzla Shipping Agency
     Shipping Agency Turkey, is aware of the service differences of the ship repairment agency and of the other agencies of the Ports and when the ship's arrival date is certain, it is the moment we start to work and here is our priority to serve as soon as possible and having the best way for the most affordable prices and without interruption.

     Shipping Agency Tuzla, is the best agent that is providing the best service during the repair and maintenance of your ships in Tuzla, the ship's operations and all the preparation is determined as based on the information from you and before the ship's arrival and later the ship to be moored to the shipyard approximated directly and into the units, in case of the weather is suitable.

     Shipping Agency Tuzla, will pay visits every day, in the morning and in the evening, to the ship's captain or to the officer of the company to exchange of information for the needs of any to be make or for jobs as in the planned and make the necessary preparations for the next day, during the ship's repair time in Tuzla, and the daily reports to be sent to you via e-mail. In addition to these, at the 7/24, all kinds of information related to the ship may be accepted, both by telephone and e-mail environment (as in photo) that can learned.

     Shipping Agency Turkey, unlike all other agencies, has Cpt. Erdogan Deniz (has experience of captaincy for 21 years in the open sea) and Chf. Eng. Yilmaz Caliskan (with 18 years of experience in Chf .Eng.) in our ship agency services that they had many years in Tuzla, on the technical and professional sense and also considering in the mechanical and serving interests of the shipowners, up on your requirement you may have their accompany during the service while your ship is in repairment.

     Shipping Agency Turkey will offer you the most competitive prices as we are extremely aware of the problems of today's maritime industry, as a whole, and as well as the prices (low freight, high fuel-oil costs, labor costs, materials and provisions prices).
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